Purveyors of Doubt

This is not aimed at all counselors out there.  More sort of a response to a show I’ve started to watch.   To those who do excellent work in helping folks sort things out, a huge thank you!  For those who milk their clientele, well shame on you.  I doubt there are any of that caliber who read my work anyhow.  This poem is probably my fault for allowing my pen to do it’s own thinking as I processed the show.  So, please don’t take it too deeply or seriously.  I’m sure before the series is over, I’ll write one or two that I more positive.  In all honesty, I’m seeking out different shorts of shows and exploring ideas now.  Well enough apologizing.. here’s the poem:

Rising From the Mud - A Study In Blue

Purveyors of Doubt
by Michael Romani

One thing of note about therapy
Is the self assertion of their reality
The claim is made that they don't 
The hope is staked that they won't

But really now, who's kidding who?
That is precisely what they do
And while one false word might cause a breakdown
Volumes of wrong words have caused societal shutdown

Tangential theories sprout like fractals on parade
At least where the fractals shine in their charade
Of thoughts too sophisticated to make sense
But, served p anyhow on a platter of pretense

Set on couches of self denial and confession
While muddle thoughts and feels are an obsession
The over-watcher toys with fragments of clarity
Bemused with complexes that are offered with hilarity

These experts offer advice on things for which there is none
Billing by hour until the finally decide that it is done
By done I mean, the contents of wallet and/or purse
Belonging to the haunted person certain they're living a curse

For long time it's seemed, most shrink need shrunk
At least, that's what I've nearly always thunk
It seems to me that good friends' ears do just as well
But that's just another secret counselors won't reveal

Preying on victims of rehashed circumstances
Encouraging dwelling on tragic happenstance
In which there is really just one way out
That's through the purveyors of whispered doubt

(c) February 7, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA17 -The  Tarot Gaden -Darknesss Confused As Light









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