The Truth of Loving Consequences

Men are from Mars.  Women are from Venus.  So goes the title and theory of an now old book that attempted to explain our differences in communication.  But, wake up guys.  This is the 21st Century and the women have more than ever decided who is fully in charge.  It’s just a fact….(or perception or an attempt at comedy proving what my daughters say and that I should leave comedy safely in the hands of professionals….

Magic - n - Mischief - Tulips Begging To Be Tip Toed Through

The Truth of Loving Consequences
by Michael Romani

If you're a guy
You don't need to reply
But you know why 
And so do I

We know how it goes
Rolled down windows
To buy a dozen roses
Loses its flavor once we propose

What was once a nicety
Has set the expectation
And what once worked for me
Is now seen as devious misdirection

Rolling by to get some flowers
After we've been working long hours
To support our favorite savor
Has lost its wind as a party favor

We're never clever enough to see the game
And somehow always catch the blame
Never really sure that the game is
Only knowing that something is amiss

And in this game, women always have the lead
Once that is that you're done that deed
In promising to love her until the end
Thinking in so doing you gain a wife and friend

Such a dirty misdeed of letting them know you cherish
An that this love of yours will never perish
Too much seem to be never quite good enough
And whatever happened to all the good stuff?

The every waking moment of adoration becomes all
Of the every little detail that you'd better recall
Because if you've missed even a single thing
Even the most innocent of guys will surely feel the zing

(c) February 8, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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