Truth Is Coming

A good case might be made that we are possibly living in the end times with the attacks on Christianity, the genocide committed against the unborn, and so many other countless atrocities including groups like ISIS.  I was at church today listening to a sermon on this and its possible tie in with the Book of Revelations.  From this sermon, I wrote the following:

Freedom Gospel  Church - AmandeBlanche, Balladeer , Amber and James

Truth Is Coming
by Michael Romani

Truth is coming are you kept ready?
Feet on the ground, keeping it steady
Word of God is spoken readily here
Spoken boldly, freely and without fear

Holy hands raised in humble prayer
Keeping the Word of God always there
Asking for forgiveness for all I do wrong
Knowing that each us needs to be strong

Liturgical dance offered before the alter
In full praise of God and not to barter
But to give our all in earnest gratitude
The words spoken are truth not platitude

Ever grateful for God's sweet mercy
The rest as they say is just history
The world rests inside His hands
A world at peace if only we'd understand

Such a thought for us all to behold
As it is written and we are told
God thought we were to die for
And so He did and gave so much more

There is power in offering our  praise
Strength in the blood that we raise
As we shout to the Lord in our joy
Revelation's rising, are you ready to deploy?

The time for rhetoric is long past gone
Now is the time to stand and preach on
These are times we will walk our walk
While keeping firm in talking the talk

(c) February 17, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Dashed Upon the Rocks



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