Talk Is Cheap Rondel

The Poem A Day form for Day#14 is the Rondel form.  The word prompt is ‘sunspot’.  Sorry to say. But, I am not going to use the word prompt.  It’s only provided here in case there is a reader out there playing along.  😉

The Rumor from the Milkwood experts is that there are there are so many varieties of the Rondel as to almost render the form in any way you wish.  All that being said, the basics on the format are:

“Rondel goes back to 14th century France but with its alternating rhyme scheme and refrains, it’s a form that works well in modern poetry.”

“The basic plan is 13 lines, like this: ABba abAB abbaA —the capital letters are refrains; lines that repeat. There are often 8 syllables per line,” but  it doesn’t always have to be 8.

LEA24:  -Echoes, Metaphyisics of Frequencies - Bonus Track

Talk Is Cheap Rondel
by Michael Romani

Everyday I find myself moody
Acting like just a bit broody
Feeling lost up in what we had
Wasted moments of blues in E

This life can bring such misery
With a jump beat to feel less sad
Everyday I find myself moody
Acting like just a bit broody

Lockstep caught up in melody
Dissonant notes played harmony
These always get the best of me
The Blues played quick time, key of E
Everyday I find myself moody

(c) February 18, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA24:  -Echoes, Metaphyisics of Frequencies - He Quickly Found the Conversation A Little Heavy and Stiff....

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