Skeletons In Our Closet

In biology, we are taught that there is an almost linear path of the forms of mankind.  Reality is it was a bit messier.  Six species of man existed probably concurrently or at least overlapping.  One still stands….   Is it because we’re wiser?

Talisman Skeleton Blues Band

Skeletons In Our Closet
by Michael Romani

Gazing backward from our horizon
Our siblings are rescued from oblivion
A fossilized bit of finger bone
Whispers that we are not alone

Or, at least once, we were not
We have lost cousins we'd forgot
So much for our moments of vanity
There are skeletons in closet of humanity

With a whiff of pretentiousness
We echo our pride of consciousness
Proclaiming our bit of tree as wise
But, were we always in our brothers' eyes

Having been poked and prodded once again
Sitting quietly eating with book as friend
I find myself wishing maybe I was drinking
Cleverly caught up again in thinking

How it had become necessary to invent
Conceptions of clean lines of descent
But this is just intended fallacy
Protecting ourselves from truth of city

At 10,000 years as our cities rose
Our relatives mysteriously died out as it goes
Of six species of man, one remains standing
The explanation for this is not so demanding

There is something in this singular discrimination
That calls out in its haunting incrimination
All so clever in our suppression of memory
Of how Homo Sapiens killed off its family

We pride ourselves as rising as the best
But was it fratricide that stood as test
Neanderthal Man had the bigger brain
Now isn't that a peculiar sense of stain?

(c)  February 22, 2019   Michael Romani
All Right Reserved

Spring Returns To Island Dreams Seaside Lounge- Shock N Awe





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