One Purpose Lived

Based in part on 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12:

Gaia Calling -  Bubbled Travel Through Lighted Woods

One Purpose Lived 
by Michael Romani

Every life has purpose and significance
Be it plain wrapped or laced in elegance
Labeled in the title of many special things
Some with no rewards some come with rings

Fixing the focus of intentional living
Keeping the course for all things giving
Keeping God as our Lord and Father
While setting the example for son and daughter

In the process of our journey we find our way
To how to best live out each of our best days
Starting at the first step there below the cross
Lived with love for God's glory and no one's loss

Keeping these things in mind we see it's ample
That purpose filled life is boasted as our example
Enduring all to bring about the best for all
Mankind's prayerful destination since the fall

There in everyone's life is that special calling
With each part living out as if more than falling
There into the place we must come to embrace
As we live out our roles before coming face to face

One on one we come into the Lord's very presence
Taking each needed step along in our perseverance
Preparing and struggling to become worthy of ourselves
The things needed to be lived not taken from shelves

A life lived well despite the inconvenience of resistance
Never coasting through but seeking through persistence 
The calling heard from wherever we are currently standing
Will not be too much to take on  but will be demanding

Through God's brilliant power, His will to be fulfilled
Taken for it's grand adventure in which we will be thrilled
Central calling heard to provide each with their direction
The world's great hunger is met through God's correction

A burning bush came to an imperfect man to speak
About reaching the commanding point of Sinai's peak
Excuses made are boldly put to their best rest
By God's command to each of us to meet each test

Ever called on to aspire forward toward a higher level
The saints are called on to handle an adversarial devil
Least that any man might boast, it's through God's power
That each of us finds our way to our best and finest hour

(c) March 5, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - My House Shall Be Called...




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