The Truth of the Present

It’s so easy to believe these are the bad ole days as modern day snake oil salesmen tell us of how horrible things are and that they’re bound to get worse.   But is that true?  Or, is the doom and gloom less the things spoken by prophet and more an illusory bit of manipulation meant for profit and consolidation of power over humanity…

Wanderstill Ode - The Truth of A Sparrow

The Truth of the Present
by Michael Romani

It seems we live in an age of pessimism
Where actually there is great cause for optimism
Piercing the veil of the web's data mine
We find a beaten back starvation line

That we've all but defeated the armada of pestilence
And while I don't want to be seen as lost in innocence
It would seem at this point in our living history
We are prevailing against many a calamity

Even except for the occasional yet merciless bungle
Mankind is seemingly rising above the law of the jungle
Although war has yet to completely disappear
It and its deaths are becoming rarer every year

Sugar has become more deadly than gunpowder
Here in this resurgent moment of mankind's hour
There is a new peace that resonates like a fantasy
While becoming the fulfillment of peace lovers' legacy

Each the other held firmly accountable
This preference for prosperity rules the nuclear capable
Logic bombs bring a new asymmetry 
As the world turns its pages of history

The new paths of possible destruction
Have stripped the nations of motivation
Preferring instead patterns of engaged construction
Chekhov's law seldom reaches its destination

There is little good in guns fired
When it gains too little to be desired
Its become as though God and the Devil conspired
To find peace for a world whose people grew tired

Oppenheimer has undone all the kings of history
With mutual destruction as his legacy
The laws of kingdom and jungle are broken
As the words of true peace are sown and spoken

This gives great cause for believable optimism
Except for an occasional outburst of terrorism
Coca Cola's expansion of empty obesity
Has harmed more than al-Qeada's tragedy

Goat herding troglodytes hide in a shadowed cave
Like flies in the ears of bulls digging their own grave
The conductor's baton in their final orchestration
Bringing more pain than gain in their manipulation

The point remains for a no longer helpless humanity
Whose challenges continue despite our earnest vanity
Yet, an accurate look back finds our possibility
Not the self defeating pessimism of failed complicity

Here in the first footholds of the 21st Century
It is in our hands to manage much of catastrophe
Forever imprinting changes to pages of history
The power and choice for us no longer a mystery

We cannot stay as chicken littles but must be brave
This is our world that we must boldly save
There in truth of God and finding unity as one
These new pages of history have just begun
(c)  March 6, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Relay For Life - Ribbon of Truth



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