Tumbleweed Connection

Based in part on The Epistle to the Philippians 3:7-14:

Mirage Motel 66-  Broken Windmill Acrross A Desert Sky

Tumbleweed Connection
by Michael Romani

You only have this life to live
For its worse and what it might give
But each of us lives each day
One at a time with no other way

Life is not any sort of dress rehearsal
There are second chances but not reversal
From the instant that the curtain falls
We live each moment as fate will call

Each day lived is the performance of our life
Be each day lived in earnest peace or in strife
We journey each day fully intending our destination
Losing ground with each loss to procrastination

Here then is the process of keeping our direction
We find life is more than a tumbleweed connection
Seizing each day to grab it and live it to the full
Small hat all cowboy never afraid to ride the bull

Each of our days numbered to gain each more wisdom
That we might live our days according to the kingdom
So little time and so very much to for each of us to do
And so it must be lived each the fullest by me and you

To do this we must keep in mind three little things
These things to be done no matter what the day brings
Each day we need to let go of all that is done and past
No longer holding on to the things that were ill cast

Nor should we hold to the good lived in our yesterday
But, must indeed travel on our journey to find our way
Whatever gains these matter little for Christ's good sake
It is each new day that we must resolve to live and make

Having left the road of the past in that left behind
It's our duty to step forward keeping this in mind
No looking to the past but keeping focus on our journey
It's the here and now that gets us to our destiny

Straining forward and toward those things heavenward
Doing today what makes today paving ever forward
It is the step taken right each moment that pleases
Giving glory to God's sacred day in all its bits and pieces

There's a gold nugget in aiming past what's above you
Forward and past the mark of calling in all we aim to do
There in each of our heartfelt callings is that needed reach
That presses on our souls to live and walk what we preach

With a hammer and chisel in hand we build our road
Persisting in what we do as we know that it's told
There in our highest calling we follow the Lord's way
Living with our fullest intention each and every day

(c)  March 17, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

San Monique - Heated Canyon Cliff


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