Moon Chased Rabbit

Some brief thoughts on another side of life…

2018 Easter Bunny Trail - Garmeboard

Moon Chased Rabbit
by Michael Romani

When the moon chases the rabbit
Into believing she has total freedom
Then it seems a loss of nasty habit
When she can't outrun the kingdom

Out in the woods, life hides in shadow
Always seeking it's next meal
Running constant in its battle
Desperate and replete to reveal

That sorrow has its savage price
When some things cannot be bought
The owl hoots its sage advice
Beware of all things desperately sought

Camouflaged in its remonstration
That life as love will find its way
Given up in ready demonstration
That better than valor is to live another day

(c)  March 22, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Dimrill Dale  -Bunny Boos Hidden In The Tall Grass




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