Tending the Mind Body Connection

Increasingly, we are finding that the body and mind have tremendous capacity to heal and otherwise exceed expectations.

Burnal Equinox - Yonder Funnel

Tending the Mind Body Connection
by Michael Romani

The twenty first century 
Turns its new direction
In terms of modern biology
Finding there's a mind body connection

All parts are reparative 
At least in the comparative
There inside each of us is an architect
Waiting for each of us to detect

The pathways leading to destiny
Help us shape our healing journey
As an acorn becomes the oak tree
A natural intelligence shapes you and me

Disease is the injury that took the hit
And the immune system  is what heals it
To bring back ease by stepping back
Allowing all resistance to fade to black

We are shaken to our foundation
When things come that defy contemplation
The root cause has become defined as stress
And it is this that we must first address

Modern stress takes us all out of balance
And it is to this that we must apply our talents
No longer thinking in terms of flight or fight
While advancing plagues remove us from our light

There is in this synthesis of possibility
Lies the answers of greatest probability
The mind and body's intense connection
Brings us to this new sense of direction

The modern world plays on a loop of stress
That plays out twenty four seven without egress
We must instead find our way to intentional living
And toward ourselves become more loving and forgiving

(c) March 24, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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