Finding Our Way Home

There’s no place like home – there before the hearth’s warmth, knowing where we truly belong.  There is no deeper or richer feeling than to feel love for love’s sake than to love someone even deeper than that.

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Finding Our Way Home
by Michael Romani

In this world with its need for salvation
We see so many struggle toward happiness
Believing an entitled sense of destination
As we stave off the post-modern alienation

Even as we insist on darkness over light
We will persist that it's a God given right
That we should find happiness in all we do
And with no consequences for me and you

It's a matter, you may say, of equality
To be without, costs us some humanity
Demanding this to an nth degree of vanity
Without once doubting our veracity

Regardless of bad choices, we rationalize
That to say something of choices is to demonize
And to think that one knows better is to patronize
Or, so I've been told as I quietly agonize

I don't think on these things to antagonize
I say to my lady with her loving, laughing eyes
She knows that I've prone to over analyze
But, I will live love with her in our willing compromise

As fate promises, fate will always deliver
With both of us living as willing forgivers
Still, we know and believe that wonderful rumor
That this life of ours has its own special humor

Walking together in the ways of our daily love
Her more grounded, me depending more on the above
I have found my happiness deep in her devoted heart
And my place by her side, never to willingly depart

(c) March 26, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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