Beginning To Heal

In the 21st century as research into Quantum physics and all that goes on and has become combined with a turn from the mechanical and toward biology.  It is a fantastic era to live in.  So much promise and so many little fails that we need to most past in getting to where we need to be as human beings.

Devil's Point -  Ill Founded Potions Based On Mistaken  Notions

Beginning To Heal
by Michael Romani

The prevalent chemistry of fear
Seizes our health making it disappear
The world today could focus on wellness
But instead, has fallen into illness

It's hard to wrap around in my head
All of these reactions - including being dead
The seriousness of this could not be more serious
Everyday, it all seems increasingly curious

Autoimmune concerns with all of its side effects
Causes much of life to be daunting and redirects
As we keep all of this in our moment to moment prayers
The universe cries out loudly as we fight to persevere

There is something sad and fundamentally wrong
With a world where our biology does not belong
It's best to leave behind Newton's learning as to the seen
We are not physical but energy; spirit and not machine

Particular waves adhere in the universal particle field
Where new answers might be synthesized and might yield 
Invisible forces are there that are really in control
Graceful thoughts become wrapped in a conscious soul

Too many pressures from that which we see as outside
Are killing too many of us harshly from the inside
There are too many things that may yet just take a life
We need to find a way from all of this stress and strife

Clinging to our best and most needed of higher powers
Here and there in what might just be our final hours
This not the time for more choices made out of a place of fear
We need to Remove our poisons as we find our way to clear

In finding our strong reasons for living
We must embrace the support of those giving
Radically changing our diet, controlling our health
Following our intuition no longer chasing wealth

We must deepen our spiritual connections
Releasing our suppressed emotions in redirection
Using the gifts of nature to nurture as devotion
As we learn to live with better, positive emotions

Reenergized with blessings from above
We learn to walk God's path with love
This then will put us on the way to well
And in doing these things, we begin to heal

(c) March 27, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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