Clockwork Integration

Lately, I have been thinking a little on the healing processes.  Combined with modern age philosophy, it’s giving me pause and cause to think.

LEA11:  -Mixtape Winter -  STanding on the Beams of Universal Sufferage

Clockwork Integration
by Michael Romani

A little boy unfairly afflicted
Who could have really predicted
That his open hand might hold the score
Or, that he would not hurt any more

With an easy laugh, the innocent child
Was no longer suffering or defiled
Full of hugs and filled with love
A young boy finds his miracle from above

Living examples of reconnective healing
Like this young boy's smile is soul appealing
The truth inside its mass is formed in its unity
Seeking only to find its truest harmony

Clock work models break this integration
Interfering with the holistic for the sake of precision
Broken into fixed laws of forced separation
Awaiting the finding of our emancipation

A quantum model has a new modality
Ever changing perceptions of a new biology
The little bits are increasingly anachronistic
As we move away from the reductionist and mechanistic

Matter is losing its primacy to mind
Molecules change but spirit is never left behind
Intelligent healing fields hold their sway
As the mind body pendulum comes into play

Mind, intention and strong belief
Can offer up their own relief
Incurable or curable, the thoughts shall be
What brings our results to you and me

Thoughts lead to feelings within our emotions
Some bringing us peace; others more commotion
Praying hands of intentional compassion
Can end our bondage to disease and into our emancipation

Freeing our hearts and souls to become
Vibrant, strong, awakening - no longer numb
It all starts within our firm intention
No matter how much this defies convention
(c)  March 28, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mystic Falls - A Clock Works Inclination




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