The Whiskey Priest

Based on Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory.. seemed suitable for Lent on the dark side.. Read the novel to see why more accurately….

Niamh's Journey of Dreams -A Priest On the Road

The Whiskey Priest
by Michael Romani

Anger has replaced ambition
With the drive to drink
Even a priest's contrition
Couldn't fail to find the brink
Out there on the edge
Both feet inching toward the ledge
Living in a daily devotion
He's victim to his gluttonous emotions

Religious vestiges are ordered burned
The lessons of greed have gone unlearned
Truth and light are all but not
It's getting to the point, he's hoping he's caught
Once he felt so awe inspired
Now, he's mostly feeling naught but tired

Raw suffering strains toward redemption
Solid in its masses of stark contemplation
Vexatious in its morality for Lent
It's these cleansing moments that we repent
In this lost haven of a holy man's mental jungle
This becomes a time for transcendence over struggle

(c)  March 30, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mexico -Lago de Chapala, Jalisco - Cathedral de Guadalajara




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