The Root Cause

Continuing in my series pertinent to things going on with my health, the influences of someone proving to be very special to me and my advocation of the integration of more traditional medical perspectives into the Western Medicine I have grown up with in my life.  It’s become a very important issue to me as I continue in my struggle toward wellness.

Provincial Life - Finding Comfort In Old Roots

The Root Cause
by Michael Romani

In all of my hurting moments
When all around becomes still
Sometimes, I walk past the torments
Knowing this will take more than a pill

Searching for answers that confound
Looking for hope in your sweet eyes
Because my negativity can be profound
Hoping for the maybe of your surprise

As you teach me about tradition
The good of following sound nutrition
The sick care system that treats the signs
of my symptoms as you offer something devine

I hold your hand as you lovingly walk with me
Listen closely as you nurse and talk to me
Taking me away from this spiral of toxicity
Moving me toward embracing the simplicity

A lifestyle you tell me is like the secret cure
And that I, like society, have forgotten nature's laws
New pills leading to new and worse ills, do not cure
All of these things that I've had to endure just because

And through it all, you feel my woeful trauma
Walking me back away from the stressful drama
The things that I'm going through are from emotion
These require a studied and steady devotion

There is no quick fix for a root cause
It's more than traumatic biology but God's laws
Knowing that my body is a temple as I agree
Is perhaps the start of returning to me

Your smile encourages me toward optimism
Easing me past my inborn skepticism
The Autoimmune pathogen's origin is unknown
But its effects on my life are clearly shown

I find myself turning toward food as medicine
Hoping to find my way to a better end
And it's on this, you say that I can depend
You and this will walk me back to health again

(c) March 31, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mystics, Myths and Elements of Nature  - Well Rooted



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