The Beauty of Healing

Learning more about how belief shifts biology in connection between mind and body led to this spilling out on my notepad…

Dr. Foster's Herbal Greenhouse

The Beauty of Healing
by Michael Romani

The mind body connection
Stimulates the immunity
It's a matter of chemistry
Applied in the proper direction

Belief shifts our biology
It's proven in its modality
And can bring about the cure
With the body's ability to heal and endure

Negative thinking has its consequence
This must not be ignored with diffidence
Better to plant a proactive field
Than to allow for what negativity yields

We must give careful regard
To what we allow us to believe
As we tend to our souls, we must discard
The blasts of harm that we receive

Never, ever give your power away
But, instead learn how to fortify
With all the things that you do and say
For as we believe, we do also ratify

How it is that we are ready to heal
Or, if we slip into living just to die
We must keep ourselves in a balanced well
Trusting in the best as our reply

Becoming our own best authority
Instead of falling under someone's shadow
We become proactive rather than living reactively
And in doing this we come to increasingly know

That some of our best answers lie within
Waiting for our best truth to be found
Living in the present moment not or then
But in the light of day that come around

Perhaps one must trust in the given diagnosis
But, never believe in the worse prognosis
Statistics are dark and highly impersonal
And the average is no measure of which you are capable

Recovery is something found deeply optional
The something different is of what you're capable
Rising above the insistence of probability
Opening up to the entire realm of our possibility

Each of us is the magic that we find and need
Bringing about that which we desire
Never giving in to the darker seed
But, instead becoming that to which we aspire

(c) April 2, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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