Breathe the Legacy

The Na/GloPoWriMo Day Four challenge is to write a sad poem.   That’s easy enough to do this time around.  Someone who is increasingly important to me beyond nearly all measure of my meager words recently lost someone.  I can only hope that someone’s footprint weighs heavy on the soul of this world.

Luane's Magical World - Ponded Love

Breathe the Legacy
by Michael Romani

Stepped in where steep begins
Souls lost and no one wins
Steeped in the truth of liberty
Comes a heart deep in history
Born in a modern world's hurt
Alarmed by life into fully alert
One woman barely old enough
Forced to be both tender and tough
We breathe in her fragrant legacy
Where every lost child is family
Brave fought into the last night
Speaks well in defense of the right
Her life defined as both poem and poet
Her footsteps live on as Vancouver shows it

(c) April 4, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Children of the World - Keep The Fires Burning II



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