Filthy Habits

It seems to me that most of humans have a little duality in our nature.  I could be wrong.  I often am.

The Mad Circus 4 Halloween- He Had Demonic Aspirations of Flight..

Filthy Habits
by Michael Romani

The beast seeks the dark
The angel seeks the light
The physician said with a snark
From the confines of his sight

Looking deep into the eyes
As widows to the soul
What we do for love's surprise
Each of us in our consigned role

The Devil's apprentice does not know
What she's meant to be 
Hiding there in the shadow
Sobbing uncontrollably

Filthy habits we try to quit
Looking for a way though this
Hoping for happiness, just a bit
Silently sealed with a kiss

A city of strangers
Knows no end
Streets filled with dangers
Wishing for a friend

Our appetites are for destruction
Leading us where we haunt
Understanding our solemn introduction
In favor of what we want

Some lead into the night
Enigmatically waiting to die
It would be crueler if we might
Live wanting someone to suffer as we cry

Borne there in our grief
We conjure depths of vision
Struggling to be nothing or find relief
The blood on my teeth knows my decision

Sitting here alone by firelight
Dreaming of my faraway
Wishing to get this one thing right
There is familiarity in this day

(c)  April 12, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Empire Room -  Full Moon Rezz




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