Wordplay In Homographic

Na/GloPoWriM0 Day 14’s challenge is to use words that sound or look alike or are always confused for one another.  This took quite some doing in that I have used this twice this year and was out of ideas.  Still….

Fairelands Junction - Sapphire Lake - The Band Played On Too

Wordplay In Homographic
by Michael Romani

There's something to be said in that bout
To all the things that it's about
About writing to and about the right
In all the words that we come to write

In what's left in our every night
All  the truth and lies that come to light
Is that which is and which is not
To that massive surge that becomes a knot

Of words that dwell in our souls as we wait
Yet carry a lot of latitude despite their weight
As I watch the falling Autumn leaves
Of life until the sense of urgency leaves

And all the thoughts that I'd bear
Are such a truth as I'd bare
Looking out on the open sea
To see all that I might see

Listening to a thousand violins
That drown out all of life's violence
There in the stillness of the night
Where I dream myself a knight

But, I find myself covered in flour
As I offer my love a flower
Such are the ways of my illusion
Even here in my grandest allusion

Vaguely poem shaped in its slight
Trying my best and sunk at first sight
Galloping down life's long road
To the places that I've long since rode

It seems life's bells have tolled
Or, so it seems that I've been told
As that old road starts to wind
Along the way of that gusty wind

This is the way we travel, we two
AS the one we're becoming too
It's my great pleasure to find you amiable
As I find myself feeling quite amicable

There's an awful lot we might presume
That is to say if we might assume
That such an adventure is much ado
And that you and I will never bid adieu

(c)  April 14,2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Visual Jazz  -Mirrored Lobes






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