A Vancouverite Current

The Na/GloPoWriM0 Day 15 challenge is to provide a Robert Brown or Shakespearian styled monologue sort of a poem.  I opted for a redo on Hamlet’s  “To Be or Not To Be” monologue. Kind of.. I opted for happy thoughts not gloom.

For ready reference, this is how the piece by Shakespeare is written:


SL14B Beguile - Masked: Carnevale di Venezia- Piercing Jester

A Vancouverite Current
by Michael Romani

To move or not to move, that is the question
Whether the gray of either sky depends on the border
Or, if by either border, love finds its fortune
Or, that if by the decision, one finds more troubles
In seeking the warmth of her arms, I find my way to sleep
And perhaps more, for by this sleep, I find my friend
And love as an end to heartache and a thousand natural shocks
That my flesh is heir to; it's more than an infatuation
Devotedly to be wished, To love and sleep
And in this sleep to dream; yes that is the motivation
For in that sleep that comes with love, what dreams may come
So much deeper than any mere mortal coil
Deep in our momentary pause - I feel naught but deep respect
That makes for happiness and a long, rewarding life
For who can question the pleasures and hopes of time,
There in her sweet song, a proud man's folly
Or, the wisdom to find and keep love, without delay
Putting an end to my insolence, no longer to spurn
But instead with patience merit the worth of our sake
That I might in all of my quiet and noise make
Naked to the truth of love, I in my jammies bare
No longer weary and beaten in this life,
But that hope that comes of something after love,
Vancouver, the undiscovered country, from whose voyage
This traveler may never return, puzzles at my will
And yet still, I would know the good that I have
Then to go another way that I do not know?
My conscience makes a coward of me yet
Though I know my native resolution will not regret
Still, there are moments when caution casts its thoughts,
For this is a decision of greatest moment
For with this decision, there in its Vancouverite current
Once made, there is no turning back

(c)  April 15, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Caelestium Isle - The Olde Globe Theater SL



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