For the Love of Mom

The subject of Day 16 of Na/GloPoWriMo‘s challenge is to write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.  Far be it from me to ever really consider my mom or any mom that I know as mundane.  But, it is true that everyone has one…..

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For the Love of Mom
by Michael Romani

It seems it's time to draw on loving memory
As I recall the anchor and center of my family
I'll always treasure all the things I learned
Like how to live, love and thoughts discerned

From that once living pillar of sheer tenacity
I loved her undying devotion to raising her family
With rolled up sleeves never afraid to do her all
Then taking comfort in tea and a book as I recall

She would always make an even of new things discovered
And when we hurt, held us until we recovered
Always involved in every part of my life's growing
Giving love and guidance and hints for learning and knowing

I remember the phone calls even after I had grown
All the loving words and the many kindnesses shown
There was no doubt that if I fell she would catch me
And if I was in real need she would always fetch me

All the things needed even when I had not asked
Teaching me to stand strong even when my sorrow it masked
How she taught me acts of charity practiced privately
Never taking life too seriously but holding on lightly

There were a million tiny gifts and acts of generosity
Books, games, adventures and art to tease my curiousity
She was a pillar of matronly strength in her delicacy
Teaching lessons without meaning in the art of dignity

All the way to the last day of her last breath drawn
She could hold me in check with a look despite my brawn
As I think back on her this quite, lonely night
I know that it was by her will that I turned out alright

(c)  April 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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