Much To Do With Everything

Day 28 of Na/GloPoWriMo 2019… and what’s the goal.. to write a poem about poetry and poets and who is this what is that and does it have any meaning or is it only seeming or.. wait.. that could be the poem….

LEA4 - Poetry of Planets -Doing My Best SRV Wondering What Jimi Would Think.....

Much To Do With Everything
by Michael Romani

To write a poem about poets and poetry
Can be a close examination or of family
All the words that we who write employ
Are the words to make us think and enjoy
Other times, these are casually together
Simple rhymes waiting for something better
Like the words that are blowing in the wind
Or, other times simply waiting on a friend
The day I most remember is when music died
From the same lips I learned why Van Gogh cried
Those nights in white satin were never ending
While those with brass in pockets were pretending
To be nothing but a space cowboy so they say
Thanks for letting us be ourselves anyway
We believed that somehow we would catch the rainbow
Another one bit the dust and on and on it goes
My best friend's girlfriend was no stranger
While the bad boys in leather lived for danger
All in all this is going on a bit long
To say that most of us grew up living as if by song

(c)  April 28, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Poetry of the Planets - Jupiter - Tower of Bubbly


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