Meanders At the Oxbow

Na/GloPoWriMo 2019, Day 29 and the challenge is to write on the after thoughts about a strong emotion and its results.  This is my attempt to clarify thoughts I had just yesterday about the days prior and the future that I want.

Green Acres - Tweak Weak On Mallard Creek

Meanders At the Oxbow
by Michael Romani

Not to be too obnoxious 
But there are too many times
When to be too cautious
Reminds me of tiny crimes

There are times my mind meanders
Like the creek I hiked yesterday
An oxbow with ducks that swim under
The bridges that might be on the way

Sloshing through the mud, I walk
Thinking about things said
Wishing you were there to talk
About thoughts inside your head

Like how my words are similar to 
Other words once said to others
And maybe there is something true
In the commonality to another

Maybe I'm just a simple man 
With really not too much new to say
But, I swear I do the best I can
To convey my feelings underway

And I wish that I could find 
Words that struck you as fresh and new
That didn't make you think behind
But ahead to the future I want with you

As I take a hundred photographs
I think of your beautiful eyes
Your frowns, your smiles, our laughs
And I wish I could be otherwise

And to be the man that you so deserve
That made you feel safe and secure
To let you know that I'll never swerve
Because of one thing I am sure

That no matter how many turns and bends
There might be along our living creek
I want to love and cherish my best friend
No matter the words that I may speak

Or that I have loved before we met
Yours is the sweetest love I know
Even with my memory, I won't forget
The flow of our precious oxbow

There may be twists and unexpected turns
There may be meanders as we find out way
But as sure as the water I watched churn
We will find our tomorrow from yesterday

And that tomorrow will find me standing
Along the banks of our cool creek rising
Always loving and adoring, not demanding
Because of your love so completely surprising

Your touch has touched me very differently
I am startled that you do not know this
You saved my life, I speak this almost reverently
That for better or worse, I need your kiss

And no matter the meanders at oxbow...
    ... I always will

(c) April 29, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The White Armory - Creekside Observations





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