Frozen Infinity

The challenge brought last night was to write a poem about snow, ice, winter, spring and all the things these things bring.    Who knew that albatrosses also mate for life?  I didn’t know…. and…Here’s my attempt:

Christmas Lane - Framed Penguin Love

Frozen Infinity
by Michael Romani

A magical ice world transforms
As spring comes and the sun warms
Icicles melt and fall to the ground
As new life awakens all around

Even Antarctica knows the bustled hurry
As the penguins march and scurry
Traveling six thousand miles on the ocean
There emperors in tuxedos are led by emotion

Gathering pebbles to build their nest
Finding and forming until she's impressed
I watch and can relate, knowing the feeling
As I look into your eyes and know God willing

The well dressed criminal steals a stone
Coveting his neighbor's as if his own
An honest penguin's work is never done
Over and over with each morning's sun

Driving forces of the polar wind
Early birds find it hard to pretend
That life isn't harsh and often unfair
Even to the cubs of the polar bear

But a mother's love is never lost
No matter the consequence and cost
Out on the edge of the ocean's ice
The hunters and the prey use every device

All of the senses of wonder
All of the chances of blunder
Just to keep moving and to survive
These are the things done to stay alive

Nearby frozen waterfalls start to thaw
Until the pressure succeeds giving way to all
A restrained force begins its ancient move
Until the burst comes to improve

And the unleashed river of meltwater
Watches the earth around give way and falter
All of this flood gives new chance to life
In a continuous cycle of peace and strife

Cubs, like all children, love to play
While nearby the mother hunts for prey
Fierce hunters pretend until they can be
Their own parts in this frozen infinity

Northern unicorns make their way
As narwhals swim across the bay
Tusks sharpened but seldom used
Play their part seldom abused

While from below, up swim the cod
Teeming as if manna from a Northern god
While on the land the tundra is unveiled
All as the polar world becomes revealed

Each new spring has its remembered designs
All of the little things that Mother Nature consigns
To their very own niche and certain space
Even where migratory in their earthly embrace

The Artic tundra has its yearly boom
In every pattern that nature herself looms
Like a tapestry filled with life and beauty
And leaner times hold reminder of their duty

(c)  May 3, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Winter Showcase & Winter Art -  Penguin Me & the Boys Were Talking; Me:  It's About The Tux, huh?





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