Each In Our Part

Started attending a new church today.  It’s related to a church I enjoyed very much in California.  Today, they had two of the children work together to recite Romans 12:6.  That was a pretty awesome verse to commit to memory.

Freedom Gospel Church - In the Corner of the Cross

Each In Our Part
by Michael Romani

God has given us each our part
Be it mind or be it heart
Each of us joined as one body
To be one in glorifying the Holy

None of us are significant in ourselves
But, rather as volumes filling Heaven's shelves
Each of us contributes as we are
Taking communion; as many faces as there are stars

Perfected love was given in sacrifice
It was only His death that could suffice
It is humbling how He died for our sin
As I sit here, I am reminded again

How precious it is what God has given
And it means to know that I'm forgiven
Now in response, I am called again
To act and acknowledge that Jesus is my friend

A savior to this very human race
Each day sanctified and filled with grace
It falls on each of us together to embrace
As we look into God's Holy, loving face

(c)  May 5, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Names of God - Names of God  - Sign of the Cross




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