Some Would Be Heroes

Some are scared of their own shadows.  Others would be heroes.  Which are you?

Water Edge Town - New Life Christian Fellowship - Hope Too

Some Would Be Heroes
by Michael Romani

Some think darkness
Is the absence of light
Seen in the starkness
It is not the absence of light
But the absence of hope
That is the truest darkness
For without our hope
All that is left is the starkness
But with hope all can be new
And in hope we see what is true
The truth is all around us
And light is what surrounds us
While we might think we are lost
There are always those who pay the cost
To bring us round into tomorrow
Replacing happiness for yesterday's sorrow
There are the heroes that we need
And in them lays the seeds
To bring us back to our brightness
In all of our sacred rightness
And in these...
              We must believe

(c) May 14, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Tristan & Isolde - Filling the Frame of Heroism



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