Your Best You

If it’s going to be in your life, it’s up to you.  That’s maybe trite, but, could not be truer.

Light Thoughts 3 - Struggle

Your Best You
by Michael Romani

To be the best you
Control your impulses
Learn to do as must do
Show your emotions who the boss is

Put the needs of the many
Before yourself and ambition
Finding the honor within thee
As you follow the path of your mission

Laughing where it matters; inside
Serving the people with great pride
Willingly giving you very all
Answering as always to duty's call

Deeper than the blue skies
Are the dreams hidden behind eyes
That feel as though they've seen everything
When you've brought all you can bring

Then you remember your best is up to you
An that it's you who defines what you can do
Finding your strength you didn't know you had
And in this you find the victory you need so bad

(c)  May 15, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Beginnings Farmstead - Tilted Again




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