Straight Up, No Chaser

I am so far down right now that my chin up is just going to have to wait for some other day.

Paramount - My Hand Bond Promises Remembered

Straight Up, No Chaser
by Michael Romani

Straight up, no chaser
I know I can't replace her
I doubt I ever really can
God, I wish I was a better man

Fell in love in the simplest way
I'll never forget that beautiful day
My God, I wish I could have her back
But, I'm not good enough, with what I lack

The sorrow inside, I can't easily hide
But, when she loved me, it was quite a ride
I loved her for what she saw in me
I was her beast; she was my beauty

Feeling my heart break right in two
Because I'll never belong where love was true
Feeling so very lost, dazed and confused
By the loss of a love that never refused

And I know that I'm the only one to blame
I own that knowledge in all of my shame
Blown smoke turned to flame's hot fire
Simple it seemed, I've never dreamed higher

(c) June 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Midsummer at Moochie - I Don't Belong Here Any More




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