Writing the Pages of History

Orwellian world we live in at times, isn’t it?

Women of Science History Museum  - The Gears of Time

Writing the Pages of History
by Michael Romani

Words come alive from my youth
Whispers about the Ministry of Truth
We have watched dystopia unfold
And we cannot say we were not told

All those warnings, we should revisit
Just to be certain we really get it
Clear sometime in your late hours
But be prepared for its power

For in it you find the world's master key
Bit and dabs of our living history
Bought by witness to erasure of hard truth
Things that Orwell shared from his youth

As he abandoned and was abandoned by communism
The work is as much hopeful as it is pessimism
Crushingly grim in its rigor and clarity
He smiled his final days into words of heresy

Meant most was that the future depends on us
That's the truth of it entirely said because
The warning made is that we trend toward tyranny
And that truth must be understood without irony

We, each of us, must be unafraid to smash heterodoxy
Being self actualized and unique; freed from slavery
Be it one way or another; earthbound or in technology
We are the ones who will write the pages of history

(c)  June 8, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Women of Science History Museum - Astrolabe Under Glass




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