Transcendent Healing

Isn’t it charming that so much of reaching inner connection is characterized as mindfulness when truly the path to reach the soul is to quiet that mind and breath in the soul.  Don’t ask me yet to explain quite what I mean here.. I’m new at this journey and already found my old tires in need of a retread…. sighs quietly and shuts up…..

Footprints In our Hearts, Build A Life

Transcendent Healing
by Michael Romani

Sympathetic nervous system sweeps
Into the zone where equilibrium keeps
Finding the balance away from stress
Taking ourselves to peace away from the mess

The mess of the things that bring us disease
And toward the things that bring us peace
Too worried and hurried to take things slow
A symptom of our lives always on the go

There is healing needed on multiple levels
But each of these issues is its own devil
Our minds yapping nearly all of the time
Reeling and revealing as our own personal crime

Against ourselves and simply requires remediation
Like learning to quiet oneself through meditation
Shutting down the urgent need for fight or flight
Relieving the stress and bringing us to the light

Like the daily shower removes the grime of yesterday
Quieting our minds can shunt the toxicity away
We are bombarded with sensationalism morning to night
With the necessity of taking it in and getting it right

Perhaps it's better instead to find peace of mind
Leaving this stress and news of the world behind
Purifying our deepest shadows captured in reflection
And in so doing, we find our transcendent connection

Taking ourselves to a place absent of thought
While in this awareness we'll find our answer sought
Moving beyond all this world's chaos out of control
Finding our way inside to connect with our souls

(c) June 15, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Heorot Viking Hall -  Forged By Fire




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