Put Quite Simply

Sometimes mistakes, even huge mistakes happen.  I think this has lately become a sticking point to and for me.  I will never be perfect and sometimes am in need of forgiveness.  Doesn’t mean I don’t regret my errors.  It means I do my best to make amends and pray for forgiveness from any I have hurt and from God.  All that is left is to repent and amend my ways.   What’s that thing about being a man of constant sorrows? When I hurt anyone, especially someone I love, I know that I have hurt that person and myself.  I apologize and seek forgiveness.  And I change my ways.  I don’t know what else to do…

Footprints In our Hearts, Build A Life

Put Quite Simply
by Michael Romani

Put quite simply...
The problem is credibility
Talk is cheap, she says
Supply exceeds demand, she says
Boy, you're going to have to show me
She says, as though she doesn't know me

It seems, sometimes, to me
That there is the distinct possibility
That my age has not brought wisdom
Sometimes, it feels like I'm fairly dumb
With some of the missteps and mistakes
Like this avalanche of heartbreak

It seems, sometimes, that age comes alone
And I just wish she would throw me a bone
She says, boy you're going to have to show me
I swear, I believe it's as if she doesn't know me
But, I know that in two days
And in just as many ways

That tomorrow will be yesterday
Hopefully, healing will find its way
And as time passes, I think hopefully
I hope she'll see clear eventually
That despite my mistakes spilled on a page
She's the one I want to love in my old age

And that while I wish I were always correct
I am only perfectly prone to being imperfect
I can only hope with my consistency
She'll come to see and believe in me
No truer words have ever been spoke
That if it's not so very broke

Don't fix it until its undone
But instead, forgive and love this one
Who thinks of her with each rising sun
And always wants her to turn us into one
Maybe if I told her Ben Franklin said this
She'd look past my mistakes and to forgiveness?

All of this I take with humor, I say and know
That I intend to love her forever and not let go
I tell her this at every turn and that I learn
And that I need her to just maybe discern
That a man doesn't twist and turn this deep
If he hasn't made a promise that he intends to keep

(c) June 19, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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