Seeking Wisdom

Sometimes it seems hard to find wisdom in these times we live in.

LEA17 -The  Tarot Gaden - Hands Grasped In Prayer

Seeking Wisdom
by Michael Romani

In this day of the endless age
We find our best truth isn't from the sages
But, as we still seek out our best wisdom
We find it from the heavenly kingdom

Some say that culture is due to change
But seldom before has it been this strange
We find ourselves flipping our minds
Now wanting to be outdated or left behind

Always looking out for one step ahead
No matter how dizzy this makes our heads
Listening more to pundits than our hearts
Yet, feeling that wrong from the start

Leaving behind what we called history
Heading further into the 21st Century
Yet, finding ourselves wondering why
Every bridge we cross makes us sigh

Maybe some things are best left to prayer
Even as we wonder if God is really there
Pondering the imponderables no matter how sincere
Often leads to a path of dark forested ways of fear

God teaches us to be anxious for nothing
As we keep clinging onto every little something
Instead of resting in our assurances of blessing
Sometimes wearing our Christianity like window dressing

I find comfort reading Psalms in our Holy Book
Knowing as I turn the aging pages and look
That even David with his heart so close to God's own
Had his trembles of doubt shaking his faith alone

Wondering maybe were God was on the darkest nights
Gazing up to the firmament and counting starry lights
Yet knowing beyond all reason and all of his knowing
That his reliance on God was and always be growing

Tonight on this night, I find myself seeing the wisdom
In pursuing all the keys to that only sacred kingdom
And I breath easy knowing that my soul can rest
Having once again shown it can and will always pass the test

(c)  June 24, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer




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