Kill Buzz

Life is funny, right?

SL16B: Astonish - Back to the Moon

Kill Buzz
by Michael Romani

I don't mean to constantly over analyze
But, I don't find it compassionate to criticize
Every thing that a person says or does
It's actually kind of a kill-buzz
That someone who says she has a big heart
Has always looked for the wrong from the start
Sometimes words of love are just that that
I know, I know maybe that's just too matter of fact
But, when you continually try to find wrong in me
It sort of kills off the very best of me
I wonder who taught you this as a way of being
I wonder who blinded you into calling this seeing
When I look at you and all of our differences
I look at the wonders and see it as righteous preferences
Opening my mind, my heart and soul to another being
And opening my eyes to the world that you're seeing
I have learned so much from you and I take the best
Allowing you mostly to be comfortable in the rest
But, when you start to try to make me feel small
It makes it very hard for me to love and recall
That maybe your world has taught that only you're right
I don't see it that way and try to offer you my sight
I don't do it because I think that only I'm right
But, because maybe there are things to see from my sight
I guess maybe I thought that was that part of caring
That others might be alright with and call it sharing
I'm not sure where this became somewhat of a fight
It's odd to me that until this I saw you in the best light
And now I find that you're fighting fights that don't matter
As I watch our love crumble and feel my heart shatter
I saw you with him again dancing beside him …
My breath drew shallow and my sight a little dim
Is this what has become of what once felt so very right
I looked away not wanting to cry or fight

(c)  June 27, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL16B Astound - Shui Mo Chinese Brush Art  II





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