What Is the Enough?

Of some things, we can never have enough.

Cooper Creek Wilderness - Gonna Take Myself A Stroll

What Is the Enough?
by Michael Romani

Of nature, art and poetry
All of these things dear to me
There is never enough to be enough
Nothing in the world can ever bluff

Past those things that have meaning
And make this the best of all being
It's clear to all truly seeing
These are what make a human being

It is in these that we'll always find
Those things that bring peace of mind
With the heavens as our best canopy
How can anyone ever remain unhappy

In these things we find our best remedy
For removing that feeling of being lonely
In the beauty of nature's circumference
We find comfort despite any circumstance

All that God has meant to be shown
In all our ways, our best us is grown
in the solace of all troubles that may come
All of this and then even more and then some

There in this is where we may come to find
The way to truly leave troubles behind
The wilderness that I'll waste my time in
Again and again, leaving behind all sin

For this is God's best mark to be found
And met in all the beauty that surrounds
Weeping tears that grow the flowers
And in so doing make for our best hours

(c) June 28, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Cooper Creek Wilderness - Rainforest Reserve - Blue Funk





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