Things We’ve Said

Woke up this morning, kicking myself hard.  Nuff said about that other than…

The Soul's Spring Dream - In the Sadness of Alice

Things We've Said
by Michael Romani

Teared face looks in the mirror
Trapped disgrace lived out in error
Struggling past feeble lines of poetry
That still vivid voice deep inside of me

Eyes drawn up to the distant stars
Feeling you near, no matter how far
I look and keep my promises I won't neglect
Knowing that your heart is one I'll never forget

Choking back my sorrow full of buried pain
It's a shadow inside me holding the reins
What might be the use of these fading eyes
If I never see or feel your sweet surprise

It's so much more than I'll ever truly see
The thrashings I've suffered for my dignity
A child's rhyme plays on inside my head
As I say my prayers just before going to bed

Playing on the precipice of my fears
As curious as the music I still hear
Deep inside my head, where my feelings led
With too much regret over things we've said

(c) June 30, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Halloween Storm -  Conversation With Madam Be





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