On The Importance of A Diatom

The world needs a lot of oxygen to breath.  We take it for granted.  Most of us.  Some of us get exposed to toxicity that makes us know just how precious that oxygen is.  But, where does it come from?  What’s it’s journey, right?

Achill Island - Sunset Bursts Through the Clouds II

On the Importance of A Diatom
by Michael Romani

It's in the strangest of coincidences
That the Godless deny the hand of providence
As dust from the Sahara races
Across the ocean on the wind's embrace

And with the greatest of surprises
On that defies the mystery before our eyes
Eventually settles onto the Amazon
To become the fertile soil life thrives on

From there as life put on it's floral show
Oxygen knows abundance as the jungle grows
Sold on the idea of the rainforest as it is
As the lungs of the planet manages to miss

That all the oxygen it makes it also uses
Showing once again how popular science confuses
Things that it thinks life readily shows
As more really than what we really know

It's the river flowing up high in the sky
That brings us to the truth of our best surprise
Clouded over into somewhat of a recent mystery
Is the story of climate's amazing true history

Water sucked up high into the branches of the trees
Starts its global journey on a tropical breeze
A flying river that curves around the world
Begins as clouds that flow as the weave and are curled

Hitting hard against the Andes into rain
As constant and deep as a symphonic refrain
That makes itself felt inside the ocean's deep
For precious diatoms to feed on and to keep...

As a secret to the world's oxygen supply
And this is the beginning of where the truth lies

(c) July 2, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Kia Kaha - The Zig of the Zag







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