American Dream

In this day and age, so many tear at the foundations of America.  They do so with an almost willful ignorance of what came before and what’s happened since.  There is an insistence that perfection be from the beginning when that’s almost never or actually never has been the case of the human condition.

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American Dream
by Michael Romani

Confused looks on our children's faces
A mild dystopia view of all America embraces
Disgruntled player unhappy with someone's shoes
When perhaps he above all might know all the hues
All that America is derived from humbled beginnings
God given victory for all mankind was their winning
Critics from today judge another time and place
Seeming to prefer to tear down our country's human face
Yes, there have been misstarts and many a stumble
But that's when Americans shouldered rather than crumbled
You speak to me of reparations without understanding
That slavery is found throughout the world and not demanding
Confrontation of the wrongs going on globally today
And demanding that we pay for the wrongs of others anyway
My family gave on the fields of Gettysburg and in Revolution
So that freedom might have it's man made evolution
The poorest in America can make their way to the very top
Mostly, it's a matter of will that best makes some stop
And while there is a lot of things to still be made right
America shines as the City on the Hill in freedom's light
Sacred ideals enshrined in every moment we breathe
Advocating each person's right to think, conceive and believe
My own family grew from crop duster selling roadside fruit 
And grew on to come a pillar and giving all they could contribute
So, don't speak to me of past wrongs without offering contribution
Doing so makes you a part of the problem and not the solution
Past wrongs certainly are not and can never be even close to right
But we are best to leave behind darkness if want to live in light

(c) July 4, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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