Life Anew

On the further consideration of how diatoms not the Amazonian rainforest so much act as the lungs of this beautiful world  of ours.  For some of us who have to consider more than others the role of oxygen in our lives.  I have spent 2 days so far in a downturn thanks, I think in part to two days not one spent at the Regional Office this week.  I cannot be certain but I truly believe there is something god awful in the vents. If you’re the praying kind and reading this, I can use all the prayers and good thoughts out there.

Ascension - Shared Earth

Life Anew
by Michael Romani

It's all so stunning
The blues and the greens
Sends my guitar strumming
It's the stuff of life and dreams

There in a light show of swirls
A fantastic chase of endless whirls
Are the things that keep us alive
Barely noticed when we take a dive

But seen from the distance
Cascading past our resistance
It's overwhelming in charm
Coming on a good sort of four alarm

And all of this is to give us breath
To chase away the demons of death
Silently, intimately revealing
Mind numbing, defying and stilling

The sights that play on and out
Remove all but grace, leaving no doubt
All of the living waters of this planet blue
Breath their secrets to us of life anew

(c)  July 7, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Planets - Mercury, The Winged Messenger - Mercury Blues




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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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