Monsters As Metaphors

Mankind’s monsters are a touchstone for the destruction we wage against ourselves and all of nature at times.

Mittandraland Mermaid Haven - Loch Ness Monster

Monsters As Metaphors
by Michael Romani

Monsters as metaphor creates the drama
In a society's psyche riddled with trauma
Impulsively, completely aware of capacity
For evil and deception in our loss of integrity

There is a touchstone of and for destruction
Given by mythical conquerors of compunction
It doesn't get more American than this
A modern day Judas betrays with his kiss

Replete with motifs and emotional buttons
Small town hero served up like mutton
Mimicking the glaring neon of the night
Are the brave souls who push into the light

Given that there is no safe place
Even in the eyes of a friendly face
Who is to say that strains of delusion aren't true
I've seen it exist in the failures of upside down you

(c)  July 8, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sea Monsters - Keeping Out of the Water




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