Borne From the Violence

From the chaos that surrounds us, we find our way to the order that allows us to thrive.

Central Park Carmel, IN -  Stormy Weather Coming

Borne From the Violence
by Michael Romani

Our world was borne from the violence
Demanding from us, our best vigilance
To duck and roll and to not get hit
In this is a lesson to never forget

It's a tale as old as eternal time
One that is of wisdom and so sublime
One mighty collision can change everything
There's no telling what the next moment might bring

Most of us walk this in blissful ignorance
Happily unaware of all the belligerence
That we live in chaos that surrounds
Focusing instead on the order we have found

Space is not empty but a dynamic storm
The more that we learn the more we know this as the norm
Weird connections that might kill us we recall
But without it, we'd not be here at all

For billions of years, we've been bruised
Through it all, we remain standing and have refused
To lose the battle that forges us in our tale
From each victory, we learn we cannot afford to fail

(c)  July 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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