Destructive Good Fortune

Our planet began from the cosmic storm that stirred the soup that makes up the fundamental building materials that became all we know.  Of course it was all by accident…

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Destructive Good Fortune
by Michael Romani

To watch through the window scars
And look from above at falling stars
Is to be reminded of all the debris
That screams by in mindless trajectory

And to think on things bigger than small
Like extinction events beyond our recall
The improbability of that happenstance
That brought and end to saurian circumstance

And allowed for the rising of early man
As a meteor crashed into the jungled Yucatan
A free dive into this catastrophic place
Is a silent scream felt in humanity's embrace

Twelve miles deep vaporized into poison gases
With a single bullseye, the age of the Dinosaur passes
As Earth's history experiences destructive good fortune
In moments like these of providential contortion

Through the deserts we pursue relics of our history
In finding the building blocks of Earths' great mystery
All of this that we live comes from remnants of star dust
We learn as one day we return into dust as we must

Small particles pulled by cosmic electric force
Clumping together to somehow chart a new course
Pushed and pulled through something called gravity
The storm begins to build into it's frenzied intensity

So begins the building of our beloved planet
At least as we best now understand it
There's nothing subtle in Earth's origin
Built as if by coincidental sledge hammers again and again

(c)  July 12, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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