Uncured Affliction

Mona Lisa smiled, but, why?

Gauguin - Pages Full of Memories

Uncured Affliction
by Michael Romani

One voice whispers in the darkness
Different than others given to harshness
Times remembered; meeting eye to eye
With the kind of truth, you cannot deny

Doctor won't you cure me of this affliction
This I need stronger than any addiction
Secrets the say are worth the killing for
It's a cliché of madness that self implores

All the questions worth the task of asking
Are worth even more despite their masking
A methodical suicide takes extensive courage
Though unworthy of spectators urged to discourage

We're told that false veneration of truth is all that matters
While the inquisitor chokes as our singularity shatters
False truths may indeed, of course, all be equal
But, the one objective truth is, today, barely legal

God created the world, I believe as they do so say
But, then in all changes mankind must chart the way
Instead of tolerating, we whip others into submission
How then we do this without expecting blessed retribution?

Life composed can seem as though a myriad of dragons slain
Though sometimes it is the dragons who win in our playing
A subtle grace note slipped in just before the third
Is glistening there in the haunting melody we have heard

Dissonance tragically too finds itself into malady
Shaming itself away from the dreamer's intended melody
As useless as the many traps we quietly sink into
Despite the illusory patterns that we find to pursue

Until a feather touch lights magically on the keys
And another drunken sailor prays earnestly on his knees
Hidden deep within her observed Mona Lisa smile
Good fortune whispers her sober denial

(c) July 13, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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