Happiness Finds Its Ending

Nothing better than a happy ending, right?

LEA 1 Holiday Wishes - Dragon On Ice II

Happiness Finds Its Ending
by Michael Romani

Not even happiness finds its ending
Despite the best intentions in friending
We look for ways to find our way home
Walking our journey not wanting to be alone

Looking and searching at our all around
Hoping against hope dreams will be found
Stories of castles and endless woods
Where the decent folks always seek for good

A fairy tale read into truly being
With visions of truth worth our seeing
Missed but found in traveling company
We claim as our truly chosen family

Never knowing quite what we can do
But doing our best for the best of me and you
Willing our way forward on our journey
Traveling the paths of the all but legendary

Speaking magic in the words we speak
Find the light of blessings where we peek
We share our gifts quite willingly
As we live our adventure quite thrillingly

Dragon's breath is spoken here
Where we fake being brave until we do not fear
Moving forward centimeter by centimeter
Circling alarmed quickly around the perimeter

Playing hide and seek across the rooftops
Struggling for our freedom cause we won't stop
Not until we find what we came for
And end up with that mysteriously something more

We walk this world writing our names
On every page; knowing not even a drop of shame
Only touching, reaching out in blessed empathy
There in our resemblance of touching sympathy

(c) July 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Lost Unicorn Sanctuary Revisited--Dragon's Head



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