Bones of A Dead Man

We can learn a lot from the past.  The trick is to learn the best not the worse and realize things, thoughts, deeds are contextual and not always the same as it might be today or the future.

Morality Monkey -Skeleton Keys  To A Peaceful Life

Bones of A Dead Man
by Michael Romani

By the bones of a dead man
We learn as catch can
That we have the power to be
Every sort of possibility
The probability of creating one's fate
And knowing that it's never to late
To read the shadows from the book
Seeing and learning beyond our look
In writing ourselves into our death
Living each day to the fullest until our last breath
Crude scribblings whisper of an old man
Mosquito bites of torture as every soul can
Sepia tone painted in shriveled memory
There in the remaining end of one's journey
Just as another, in fits and starts, begins
We learn the secret of what it means to win
When we learn the secret of helping each other
And that our deliverance is found in one another

(c) July 17, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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