Retribution For Frailty

Sadists like to kick people when they’re down.   Turn to multiple forums from Facebook to otherwise and you see people constantly tearing at each other and doing this for the good of the other.  Interesting how we convince ourselves of this, isn’t it?

On Billion Rising - It Doesn't Have To Be This Way...

Retribution For Frailty
by Michael Romani

In retribution for her frailty
She strikes out with the utmost cruelty
Believing herself to be doing good
As if ritualized punishment ever could

Although torture might make one cave
It's doubtful it will ever save
There can be no comfort in that community
Founded as it is on brutality

While there is power in knowing who has bled
It's never quite as power as it is said
Vulnerability betrayed by savagery's slide
Makes the sting of a verbal whip a remover of pride

It's for their own good, she speaks as she lies
Though the truth of the opposite is seen with all eyes
The damage done permeates its afflicting pain
Revealing any pretense at piety as purely vain

Repressed desires becomes the humiliation
Unfit in pain festering into desperation
It become a liberation of vengeance pretending to care
She is draped in the corruption as it finishes its tear

It has become a menace, quietly terrifying
For all of those suffering the unsatisfying 
Broken before in a life one cannot refuse
And one dare not even whisper at the abuse

(c) July 18, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

One Billion Rising Rising Park - Intimidation and Coercion's Fog




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