Satan’s Kiss

Madness knows no mercy.

SL16B: Enchant - SecondHandTutti's Sweet 16 Dreams  - Hand of the Butterfly

Satan's Kiss
by Michael Romani

Loneliness becomes her friend
The only one on which to depend
In a chosen profession of glory
A mild confession is given in story

To hold belief in once upon
As dreams are shared and then gone
To be true and to be strong
As if courage traces to where we belong

She sang in boldness on her funeral pyre
As the flames engulfed her in their fire
There in that certain sense of nobility
We find a key to mankind's wanton savagery

Cutting thoughts that cut through brains
The surgeon takes the madness that strains
Into broken things that are all that's left behind
In the barbarity of life we pretend and we find

That with no belief in God, there is no Devil
Lucifer's love is deception that's never level
There in the perpetual nod of twilight
It will lead our dreams into the dark of night

For too long, we've feared our creature
Afraid that we might disappear into the ether
The serpent tempts into strangulation
While the children cry in mercy for the nation

Before there was time, in the primeval mist
There was the power of Satan's betraying kiss
Like a scorpion sting in poisoning our tomorrow
Until finally, it was that she could only know sorrow

(c) July 24, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Origami -  See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil.... Have No Life?




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