Tricks and Tracks of A Natural Mind

Poetry in nature wherever and whenever it might be found is one of the best and most wonderful things that I’ve had the pleasure to experience in my life.

Milkwood Fox Rocks Poets Open Mic -Everybunny Needs Some Bunny

Tricks and Tracks of A Natural Mind
by Michael Romani

Sublimely wrangling with great confusion
Is that nameless impulse toward articulation
Nature and nurture dressed up in illusion
Offer their rough edges for our fascination

Tricks of the mind are often demanding
As poetry rescues our noble understanding
Awakening mind's attention from lethargy
Hanging our too conscious selves in effigy

In the dead of winter, in a contemplation of anguish
We find ourselves barely able to distinguish
The dull pains in our hearts from seas of pain
Nor, the psychosomatic from the barely sane

Enduring coinages billow into pantheism
Excluding the humanity from falseness of atheism
Brilliantly relational in helping to form our identity
Such then are the semblances of poetic integrity

There in the fidelity to the utterly abject
Is the purified language by which we object
To all of life's childlike simplification
As our inner poetry finds its need for vacation

(c)  July 27, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Foxcity - Twin Herons On Rocks




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