Power of the Moon

There is a tidal pull to the moon that is nothing short of miraculous.

Indiana State Museum - Natural History Section

Power of the Moon
by Michael Romani

The children must learn
The power of the moon
Pulled by tides we earn
Our keep from the ocean's boon

When the moon is full
The water goes further out
It is this on which we think and mull
Until we find no reason to doubt

Life is as dependent on the moon
As it is on our sacred sun
We understand this and pursue this truth soon
That there is a lunar scent all life begun

And as Inuit hunt mussels under the ice
We all learn the essentials to survive
The wise listen and learn from sage advice
And from this our people learn to thrive 

As stars align and planets collide
The world put in motion began its spin
We humans are only along for this ride
This lesson is imposed again and again and again

(c)  July 28, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Indiana State Museum - Natural History Section




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