Razor’s Edge

Another poem from another life lived an lifetime ago about who I was then and wondering how it is that I managed to turn things around maybe for the better.  At least, I like to think so? This one is for a friend whose life ended in the worse sort of crash.

Rock Master Concert Venue - Tied To the Musical Whipping Post

Razor's Edge
by Michael Romani

Looking back, voyaging in time
Sweat wiped off from the grime
There in the leather spotlight heated
Tougher than the life lived mistreated

We walked the talk of endless nights
Selling our souls for the bright lights
Bringing it on as we thrashed guitar
You swore that you and I would end up stars

Memories of you and me
You and I, we should have been thinking
But, you and me
We were too busy drinking

We were going to put on the show
Rocking out to songs we didn't really know
It's all the same for rock -n-roll
Moonlight madness dazed in our stroll

Staring I begged as the first time you died
I was there on my knees as I cried 
Praying to a God that that I didn't know
Wondering how we'd survive this rock-n-roll

Played out with a rumble four by four
The crowds howled screaming out for more
Digging it straight up in violation
Doubled down in our sonic annihilation 

You lived through that day somehow 
Though I am quite alone as I live still now
Remembering the top down thunder's instigation
And all the minute matters calling for investigation

Drinks tossed and taken back
Cracking down we'd fade to black
Riding it out to the music's end
Pick up the chorus and play it again

Going the long haul to go the distance
It was measured out in troubled persistence
Bottom line bass turned out in licks
We played it out all night to get our kicks

Now looking back I see how we fell off track
Wishing my prayers could bring you back
I don't even drink any more but I lift my toast
Knowing that of all the hearts, I miss you the most

(c) July 31, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Autumn  Dreams - Music Has My Soul





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