Those Who Have To Shower

How did the alleged party of the working man in my country become so elitist and based on class division?  Go watch the last Democratic debates and see how many references were made to those who have to shower after work.  I get that these folks are professional politicians but when did they get so intimidated by hard work? Or, so absolutely pandering?

SL13B - Electrify -  The Stairway Lies on the Whispering Wind  - Visiting the Same Moon We're Under

For Those Who Have To Shower
by Michael Romani

There is a new sort of trope
In which elitists see others as dopes
The working class who have to shower
After work to be presentable after hours

They find this a way of signaling their touch
I wonder if they're out of synch much
What causes them to debase
A significant portion of what was their base?

Some do say cleanliness is next to prosperity
But it seems a huge swipe at voter integrity
To believe that some must hold their pride
And let slip by such a moment of classist divide

To embrace a populist flourish without the people
Bespeaks of a different sort of steeple
Where prayer is just a bargaining chip
And common people are considered less than hip

When people are ignored but for their belief
And called clingers to guns and God and given grief
That party so speaking has lost its voice
And the people need to remind them, they have a choice

(c)  August 5, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Night Gazing-  Meteor Shower





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